Tell me a story. About life. Love. Adventures and intrigue. The one that lives in your imagination. That has been whispering to you, asking to be told. Give it a voice. Build it a world. Paint it with description. Color it with details. Imbue it with personalities. Bring it to life.” ~Rebecca 

Powerful stories… Inspire. Embolden. Heal.

Over six weeks, you’ll learn each step of the developmental process – from inspiration to editing. We’ll create fully developed characters. Explore the necessity of research and how to create a proper story arc. We’ll discuss the importance of pacing that keeps the pages turning. I’ll share my industry knowledge in both self-publishing and traditional publishing. Meet other aspiring authors. Listen to the experiences of bestselling authors. All you need to bring is passion!

This course is perfect for…

♦ The writer who has ideas but doesn’t know where to begin.

♦ The writer who questions whether they have the time or skill to write a book. There’s only one way to discover your talent… WRITE!

♦ The writer who has a draft started or written but is questioning its strength. Or is uncertain how to continue… I will help you find your way!

I’ll be there every step to guide you and cheer you on. It’s my intention to help you discover your voice. Your story can only be read if it’s written.

Throughout this course, you will…

♦ Develop your story through weekly practices to gain confidence in your storytelling.

♦ Learn how to make time to create. Navigate schedule constraints and creative blocks.

♦ Become a valuable member of a supportive community of writers on Mighty Networks who provide constructive feedback and encouragement. This community will exist long after the course ends. (That includes my involvement – I want you to succeed!)

♦ Add resources to your toolbox and help improve your creative writing skills. Have extended access to the recorded sessions and course materials.

Hear from bestselling authors who will reveal their creative processes and share how they got started.

♦ Have access to ME! I’ll be available on the Mighty Networks’ community chat to answer questions. And we’ll schedule a one-on-one discovery session.


Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm EST from January 25 – March 1, 2022 

♦ LIVE via Zoom

♦ Sessions will be recorded and available for those who are unable to attend live.

♦ Each writer will be asked to sign a non-disclosure contract, to protect ideas and privacy.

Weekly Topics

Week One: Inspire Me

Let’s talk about… Inspiration. Motivation – and how to keep going.  The development of flawed and interesting characters and their conflicted journeys.

Week Two: Navigating the Story

Discover various plotting techniques. Define your audience. And your genre. Understand the rules, so you know when you’re breaking them.

Week Three: Constructing a Lie

Research provides a foundation for truth in every story, no matter how ficticious. Learn how to construct a believable world utilizing an array of resources.

Week Four: Make It Mine

Understand how to break up the story into informative and impactiful chapters. Weave in themes and symbolism. Effective use of foreshadowing and flashbacks.

Week Five: Rollercoaster Effect

Words have a cadence. A rhythm that forces the turn of the page. The pace of storytelling is purposeful and can be a masterful form of manipulation.

Week Six: Word Play 

Entrust your words to beta readers for their honest and constructive criticism. And then edit… and edit some more with a team of trusted professionals.

**The Fine Print**
You may cancel up to 48 hours in advance of the first session. 
Paid participants have access to all class recordings and content for three months.