Online Writer's Seminar with Rebecca Donovan
Do you have a story to tell?

Join bestselling author Rebecca Donovan for an exclusive online writing seminar! Hear about Rebecca’s writing process. Share ideas with Rebecca and with other writers!  Ask questions!  Get advice!

“This is a development seminar for those who have a story to tell but may not know exactly how to begin, organize it, or move through walls to get it fully written. Each week we will discuss a different topic to help you through the creative process. And when you’re ready, you can schedule a half hour to speak with me one-on-one regarding your story. We will have time at the end of each session for questions and to touch upon your projects, so you can gather the knowledge you need to finish your first draft.” ~Rebecca 


*Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM Eastern, meets weekly for six weeks (six sessions)

*90 minute sessions (except for the first and fourth session, which will be 2 hours!)

*A special guest author appearance for one session!

*Only six slots available 

*$125 per writer

*Sessions will be held live, via Zoom video conferencing 

*30 minutes to work on your project one-on-one with Rebecca via video conferencing. (Schedule TBD)

*Each writer will sign a non-disclosure contract, to protect ideas and privacy.



  • Week One: Tell Me a Story

    A two-hour introduction where we discuss what motivates us to write, the origination of the story, and the characters involved.

    Week Two: Where are We Going?

    Plotting… or not—we review the options available to keep you organized, capturing ideas and outlining the story.

    Week Three: You Believe Me, Right?

    The importance of constructing believable elements within a storyline to keep readers invested. Even the most fantastical stories are construed from the truth. Research is a necessary step to any story, even if it’s just utilizing weather patterns or school calendars. Discover how much fun it can be to twist the truth!

    Week Four: Write That Down.

    Setting up your story into chapters, keeping the momentum going, and how best to utilize foreshadowing and flashbacks. You know where you’re going, now let’s get you there!

    Week Five: Keep Writing, Even When It Sucks.

    How to stay motivated when confidence dips or the story has hit a wall. How to work around plot holes and writer lulls. Ways to stay inspired!

    Week Six: You’ve Written a Story! 

    What Comes Next After a Completed Draft? Edit! Edit! Edit! Discover the importance of beta readers and creating a team of trusted professionals to polish your words.

**The Fine Print**
You may cancel up to 72 hours in advance of the first session.  The payment will not be refunded less than 72 hours before the start time of the first session.  You may, however, re-book for the next session (space permitting). If you miss a session, you may make up that session in an upcoming seminar.

Writing Seminar (Tuesdays, February 25-March 31)



Join bestselling author Rebecca Donovan for an exclusive online writer’s seminar.  The sessions will be on Tuesdays from February 25 to March 31 7:00-8:30 PM Eastern.

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If you’re interested, but are unable to commit to this session, I plan to continue with additional sessions in 2020. Click the link above and fill out the form. I’ll contact everyone when the next session is scheduled. 

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