*There is Help*

If you need someone to listen, to help, there are people who make it their purpose to hear your silence. Let them…

Sexual Assault Survivors 

National Sexual Violent Research Center (NSVRC)

RAINN | 800.656.HOPE

Child Abuse

National Domestic Violence Hotline | 800-799-SAFE

Teen Substance Abuse 

Addiction Center

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens

Substance Abuse

National Helpline for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration | 800-662-HELP

Substance Abuse Prevention for Parents 

Teen Help

Project Know  | 877.977.3727

Suicide Prevention 

Crisis Text Line | Text “HOME” to 741741

Teen Line

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | 800.273.TALK

Diagnosing Mental Illness in Teens 

National Institute on Mental Health (NIH)

Teen Mental Health