As your developmental editor, it is my mission to support your story by honoring your journey, encouraging you to explore what’s unsaid, and to bring to life the details still hidden within. Allow me to amplify your voice and empower you to be an unforgettable storyteller.

Read and Consult

Developmental/Line Edit

This service is an in-depth developmental edit along with basic line editing. It is an intensive review of your story’s structure and mechanics of storytelling.

Part 1:

Upon completion of the first read, you’ll receive an editorial report summarizing the overall story and character arcs including any additional points of consideration. Within the document, I’ll insert comments noting the key plot points, character development, conflict and resolution, along with narration and believability. We will meet for a two-hour live consultation (recorded) to review the report and compare your vision and intention with my interpretation. The manuscript will be returned to you to make any essential changes and rewrites.

Part 2:

After the revised manuscript is returned to me, I will reread it and continue with line editing. Utilizing track changes to make in-document edits, I’ll examine word choice, sentence meaning, overall sentence structure and stylistic consistency as indicated on your style sheet. I’ll note overuse of words, show vs. tell, basic fact checks, metaphor clarity, and strength of dialogue, action and description.


.022/word + $100 live 2hr consultation 


60-80k words 10-15 business days – per round

80-100k words 15-20 business days – per round

If the revised manuscript changes in word count more than 5k words, the price will be adjusted and reflected in the final balance.

♦ The manuscript will need a final proofread by a copy editor to inspect grammar, punctuation, and any overlooked errors. I would be happy to refer you to talented, professional copy editors.

♦ Please remember, this process isn’t a critique or judgment of your talent as a writer. I am here to guide you. To assist in clarifying your voice and strengthening your story. The advice I provide, and even the edits within the document, should never overshadow your voice. They are suggestions for you to use, reword, or disregard. In the end, this is your story. You have full control – no matter what.

Reread and Consult

If you would like another read-through for any major rewrites after the document is returned, the Read and Consult fees apply, based on word count. This does not include a written report. 

Re-edit (50% off full price)

.011/word + $50 1-hr live consultation – includes in-document comments and full report

Booking/Payment Schedule

Please email: [email protected] to contact me regarding your request for services. 

Read and Consult– $50 deposit due upon scheduling and signing of the contract.

Devlopmental/Line Edit – $250 deposit due upon scheduling and signing of the contract.

1/2 remaining balance due upon receipt of the manuscript.

Final balance due on the day of the consult, before the edited manuscript is returned.

♦ If your manuscript is more than three days late, you will need to reschedule for a new date. You may cancel any time within 14 days of your scheduled date. If after 14 days, the deposit is non-refundable.


You will receive a $100 credit toward your service for every author you refer and who commits to full developmental editing. You may use this credit for future works. Or share the credit with the referred author. It is yours to use as you wish. No expiration. No referral limit, but they must book and receive the full Developmental/Line Edit without cancellation before the referral credit will be added to your account.

Receive $25 credit for any author who books a Read and Consult. No expiration.