Step away from the conventional structures of storytelling. Tell stories through artistic expression – painting, writing, song and dance. Tell stories that we can see, feel and hear.

Allow the elements to cleanse the blocks that keep you from your voice. Quiet the fear and doubt. And listen to your intuitive knowing. By recognizing the artist within, creativity will flow. 

Create something powerful. Meaningful. 

Become a storyteller.



The Creative Way was dreamed into being to open us up to wonder. To play. To self-expression. This journey is designed to help us heal. To capture our experiences. And our imagination. Through storytelling, we explore the love and hurts of our world by creating one of our own. Stories connect us in meaningful ways that only heart-led creation can.

It is our intention to guide creators to go within with love and compassion and connect with the story that’s waiting to be told.


We will welcome every morning with a ritual, such as yin yoga or Qigong, and prepare for the day. Daily programs are inspired by the planetary alignments and elemental energies.

Cleanse…  Identify and remove whatever may be interfering with your connection to the creative self.

Create… Explore unique and unconventional modalities to inspire creation.

PlayEncourage self-expression and imagination to guide the creative process. 

There’ll be time throughout the day to explore the majestic forest, work on projects in silence, engage with other creators, participate in mini-workshops, partake in a private session, or receive energy work. 

Each night, we will come together to share. To tell stories. To dream. And most importantly, to connect with each other around a fire. Allow the integration of divine feminine energy to guide and inspire you.

Location and Dates

April 20-24, 2023

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Connect with the forests of the Smoky Mountains from atop a treehouse.

Connect with other creators.

Connect with you.

Your Experience

Day 1

Jupiter’s Day of Stars

Join us for the opening ceremony of igniting the flame of creation. A night of honoring the land. The stars. And exploring your unique storytelling process.


Day 2

Venus’s Day of Earth

Connect with the mother of all creation, Gaia, while cleansing your chakras. Tap into the divine feminine within us all and feel into the artistry of creating worlds.

Day 3

Saturn’s Day of Air

Release the inner critic to the wind from atop a mountain. Sit in silence and allow the voice of intuition to rise. Trust the flow of words that await to be shared.

Day 4

Sun’s Day of Self Expression

The inner child comes out to play on this day of festivities, imagination, dance and joy. Sparkle. Shine. Twirl in circles. It is a day of music and fun. Be seen. Be heard. Be loved.

Day 5

Moon’s Day of Self Love

In preparation to return to our lives apart, we’ll integrate the love and lessons we’ve shared in unity. Never create alone. We’ll continue to guide you. Support you. Believe in you.


This is for you

We are all creators. Each of us has a story whispering within us. Now is the time to listen. To trust
that voice. Explore your curiosity. This is a journey for anyone who wishes to express themselves
through the art of heart-led storytelling. Whether you’re established in your artistry, you are following your
passion or you desire to open yourself up to something new, this experience will allow you to explore
without judgment or expectation. It will encourage you to listen to your intuition. To trust yourself.
And create.

Expect to receive

Cleanse, Create, Play

Five days of elemental ceremonies and creative exploration guided by Rebecca and Chelsea.


Accommodations in a treehouse.


All meals, snacks and refreshments that meet your lifestyle needs will be provided throughout your experience. 


Transportation from and to the airport in a scheduled shuttle. 


Excursion to the Old Growth Forest in the Smoky Mountains to experience the magic of Mother Gaia.


Energy work and mini workshops offered each day covering a variety of interests and personal enrichment.


One-on-one guidance with Rebecca (story development or birth chart exploration) and Chelsea (spiritual guidance and healing) 


A personally curated gift bag filled with storytelling essentials and a few handpicked travel comforts.


Unity with other creators. Unity with nature. Unity with your inner self and the limitless creativity that sparks within.

Your Creative & Spiritual Guides


Chelsea has dedicated herself to listening, healing and guiding others in their life’s journey so they might reach their personal and spiritual potential. Her unique approach is designed to heal and inspire things like: Self-empowerment. Trauma release. Soul purpose. Professional growth. Spiritual exploration. Mood mastery. Psychic gifts. Conflict resolution. Past life remembrance. Personal expansion. Habit management. Energetic healing. Ceremonial journeys. Heartbreak recovery. Physical wellness. Inner divinity. Freedom. Respect. Passion. Truth. Joy. Creativity. And love.


Rebecca Donovan is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling YA author who writes stories that speak directly to the heart. She expresses emotion through words with the intention to get her readers to feel. Rebecca’s inspired to guide other writers on their path as a mentor, instructor and freelance editor. Connection is why we’re here. 

Your Commitment



April 20-24, 2023

Venue & Location:

Treehouse Grove in Gatlinburg, Tenneessee

We’ll be staying in treehouses that sleep four – two beds per pod. Each queen bed is in a private room or loft. There is one bathroom per pod that will be shared with one other person. Each treehouse has a shared central living space and full kitchen in the main pod along with a deck overlooking a scenic view. The retreat treehouses are located near each other to keep us connected. There is a hot tub, fire pit and pavilion for our ceremonies, workshops and play.  We’ll spend a day in the Old Growth Forest 30 minutes from the retreat center. Otherwise, we will remain on the premises of Treehouse Grove.

We have room for 13 creators. Thirteen is the number of the divine feminine, manifestation and creation.

If you know a creator attending and would like to share a treehouse with them, let us know upon booking. Otherwise, we will do our best to assign treehouses based upon compatibility.

Yes. Paypal offers several interest-free payment plans. Click “Book Now” above and explore the “Pay Later” link on the product page to view the options. Email us with additional questions.

50% will be refunded for cancellations after January 1st, until February 28, 2023. After February 28th, all monies are non-refundable. (*PayPal service fees will be deducted from all qualifying refunds.)

Yes. Treehouse Grove offers complimentary Wi-fi access to guests throughout the property.

Treehouse Grove is one hour away from McGhee Tyson Airport  (TYS) outside Knoxville. We will have a passenger van waiting to transport all arriving guests – departing the airport at 4pm EST. 

We will be traveling together as a group for the entire trip with a prearranged passenger van. More details below.

How will transportation to-and-from the airport and venue work? 

Ground transportation between the airport and retreat location (Treehouse Grove) is fully included with your reservation and will be provided by us.

We will be waiting for each person to land at TYS airport on the day everyone flies (Thursday, April 20, 2023) so the first thing you’ll see when you exit baggage claim will be a friendly face waiting to greet you! Once all attendees have arrived, we will escort the retreat group to our van rental so we can all ride together to the retreat venue. 

On the last day of the retreat (Monday, April 24, 2023) we will do the same. The rental van will depart Treehouse Grove at 11am EST to arrive at McGhee Tyson Airport at approximately noon.

If you plan to arrange for separate transportation on your own, please let us know.

Coordinating flights and shuttle departure times

The shuttle will be leaving at a designated time for both our arrival and departure – 4pm upon arrival and 11am for departure (arriving at the retreat center/airport approximately one hour later.) Please adjust your travel plans accordingly if you want van transportation.

We will send out a travel confirmation email as we get closer to the event (approx 30 days out) that will ask for your flight itinerary so we can keep things smooth and coordinated.

Please email us with any questions:

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