What They’re Saying

“A garden full of words blooms right in front of our eyes as four friends with different perspectives tell a story of friendship, life, love and loss. The need to know what happened drove me to read straight through the night.”

– My Book Boyfriend

“This book was emotionally brutal, smile-inducing and a belly laughing sweet story that spans years. You will want to read this book again immediately after you finish. I guarantee, it’s a different read the second time around.”

– End of Story Next Book

“In the world of fiction so vast and ever-changing, it is nice to come across a story that sucks me in because of the storyline and the characters, rather than just superficial things… I don’t know what more to say about this book other than you will regret not picking it up.”

– The Book Trollop

“There is nothing accidental about the way this book is put together. Everything comes back around, and I can’t help but want to experience it again… A delicately woven, poignant, emotional, thought provoking story with depth, mystery and humor. It kept me flipping pages, totally invested, and feeling so many things.”

– Reviews by Tammy and Kim

“Different and original. I was in a serious book funk… Then I receive an email with a this little gem in it… Holy hell did it not disappoint. I loved peeling back all the layers and getting little bits of past that make so much sense in the future. This was a beautiful book that will captivate you heart and soul.”

– Bridger Bitches Book Blog

“Raw, wonderful vulnerability…It’s about friendships and love, and all the messy stuff in between.”

– Vilma’s Book Blog

“Mystery, anticipation and drama… Resulted in an immediate re-read. I never doubt the mindful journey I’m about to enter when picking up a Rebecca Donovan novel.”

– Book Crush

“An incredibly heart stopping tale of second chances. Twists and turns and lies and truths… you will not want to put it down. Rebecca never disappoints and What If will be one that I’ll be placing on my reread shelf.”

– Schmexy Girl Book Blog

“Intricately woven. Stunning characters. Captivating story. Rebecca Donovan has done it again! She had my mind reeling and my heart bursting with this heartfelt story. If you’re looking for a story that will keep you guessing and has characters you will fall in love with…WHAT IF is the book for you!”

– Autumn Review

“What If is like a puzzle dipped in an enigma and wrapped in riddle…written beautifully and with insanely memorable characters and a unforgettably emotional story line.”

– True Story Book Blog

“What If I’d never read WHAT IF? I would never have felt my heart break into small pieces. I would never have experienced this pure flawless perfection of writing. I would not have experienced the inspirational beauty found in this story. I would never have met the beautiful and tender soul that is Cal. I would never have experienced the intricate and emotional second chance. I would never have sat for hours thinking about my own ‘What If’s…’ I would have missed out on something extremely special.”

– Totally Booked Blog

“It’s about loss and heartbreak. It’s about friendship that can withstand anything. It’s about love.”

– Random Book Muses

When I pick a book up by Rebecca Donovan, you can guarantee that my day will be cancelled. I will do absolutely nothing but sit and not just read, but live the book… Before reading What If it had been so long since I’d cried at a book, I’d had friends questioning if I had a pulse. But What If made it happen. Such a beautiful, cleverly told story. Rebecca Donovan takes my breath away with every novel, and this was no exception. Perfection, from beginning to end.

– Holly’s Hot Reads

“Rebecca Donovan has done it again: written a tear-jerking, life changing, emotion pulling novel! This book screams, ‘I am perfect! Read me!’ I have absolutely no complaints about What If. It is a classic and cute romance/friendship story, yet incredibly unique in its own way.”

– Reviews from a Teenager’s Mind

” ‘Wordsmith’. I knew one thing with absolute certainty, I had never heard a more accurate description of Rebecca Donovan’s talents as a writer. That singular word, ‘wordsmith’, manages to encapsulate her ability to twist and shape the English language into scenes packed full of delicate emotion and raw human passion.”

– Attempting Reality

“WHAT IF is clever, poignant and heartbreaking, so have the tissues ready. Don’t worry, it’s not all sad because Donovan has included lots of sweet and funny moments, and I enjoyed Nyelle’s kooky side and the many random things she’d get Cal to do. Frosting, anybody?”

– Zili in the Sky

“I adore the nostalgia of this book… because there’s nothing more real than the friendships you have when you’re young. Rebecca flawlessly brings us through their lives–the ups and downs–making us question everything throughout the book… It was a beautiful journey to be a part of and a story that will not leave me anytime soon.”

– Curious Kindle Reader

“Often times you read books and love them but rarely do you read a book that touches your soul. For me, What If is one of those unique books. I not only loved this story, it left me pondering my own life and relationships with those around me. This book unfolds like a symphony; there are multiple layers and in order to fully appreciate it, you must experience the entire piece. I had no idea the direction it was headed throughout most of the book, and that is the beauty of it.”

– Desert Divas Book Addiction

“Rebecca has mastered the art of making the reader feel all the emotions that the characters are going through. This is a beautifully written story of love, loss, coming of age, and learning to love again.”

– Kylie the Bookaholick