The Soundtrack


Beneath Your Beautiful – “You can hide under clothes that are too big, or not put  any effort into your appearance, but you’re beautiful regardless.” 

All These Girls – “I’m not going to be one of your girls, Cal!” 


“So make angels in the snow, love a little more 
Live with no regrets, for everything you do 
Because although the lights are on, there is no one home. 
And everything you are, everything you were, 
Everything you’ve been’s not everything you’ll be.” 

Flaws – “All I ever want is for you to be happy. You put so much pressure on yourself to be what everyone expects you to be. I’m afraid that you’re not happy.” 

Trees – This is the song reminds me of the scene when Cal finds Nyelle dancing in the woods. 

Hard to Find – “I don’t know where this girl goes. But it’s nowhere near where I am.” 


“You got one and you changed from crazy to calm 
I’ve been awake for days in the dusk and the dawn 
And you’re loving me whether you want to or not 
But I want you for sure, I am loving you more” 

I Want to Dance (but I Don’t Know How)This is the song Richelle shares with Nicole when she’s dancing around in public. 

For You

“If you love me with all of your heart 
If you love me 
I’ll make you a star in my universe 
You’ll never have to go to work 
You’ll spend every day 
Shining your light my way” 

So Easy

“You make it so easy 
This letting go so beautiful, 
Cause you make it so easy, 
To fall so hard” 

All Comes Down – “There’s a chance I may never see her again. And I just got her back…” 

A Sky Full of Stars

“’Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars 
I’m gonna give you my heart 
‘Cause you’re a sky, ’cause you’re a sky full of stars 
‘Cause you light up the path” 

Just a Boy – The kiss was quick, but even in its brevity, it was everything. 

Just Like Me (Rae’s song!) – “I’m pretty sure she started playing drums when we were kids so she could beat the hell out of something. It’s how she copes.

All of Me – This song is playing on Cal’s iPhone in his room, the night of their first time together. 

Love – “Relive the happiest day of my life,” she announces, squeezing my hand. 

Girls Like You (The inspiration for WHAT IF!)When I heard this, I wanted to write about this girl. She didn’t turn out quite like she’s described in the song, but I twisted it around to being what’s on the outside may be nothing like what’s on the inside. 

Alive – This is the song Nyelle and Cal jumped on the bed to in the hotel room. 

Here with Me

“Calling your name in the midnight hour 
Reaching for you from the endless dream 
So many miles between us now 
But you are always here with me” 

Ribs – “We eat pizza and watch a movie before we’re supposed to go to my room to sleep. But we don’t sleep. We’re too hyper, which makes us laugh a lot.”

Spectrum – “I’m not going anywhere,” I say, squeezing her hand as I redirect my attention to the clouds moving swiftly across the night sky. 

I Like You So Much Better When You’re NakedCal woke up to find Nyelle jumping on the couch to this song. 

Damn Your Eyes – “They’re the kind of eyes that could keep me standing here like an idiot, staring into them all night.


“I know my weaknesses 
I could tell you every one 
But I know that doing so 
Won’t make me any stronger at all 

I can’t keep learning 
The same lessons over again”