The Soundtrack

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Run – In the Woods at the Barn: “I am a human being, capable of doing terrible things. 

Numbers – “I feel numb in this kingdom.” Ashton hiding and losing herself to drugs and alcohol 

All Our Endless Love – Lana and Grant: “I miss you.” 

Finally/Beautiful Stranger – Lana and Grant’s First Date/Trampoline 

If I Tremble – Brendan to Ashton. “Because I love her.” 

Broken Crown – Lana’s anger after returning from Sherling: “Our choices seal out fate” 

River – Ashton and Lana recognize what bonds them and fortifies their friendship  

Say It Again  Grant’s reaction to the “L” word 

The Tracks (The Fool) – “Take me through your thoughts. I know them well. Oh can’t you tell. Open up your heart and let me in. Just let me in. I am a fool now. I am a fool now, for you.” 

Blood//Water – The Thornes 

Nothing Left to Lose – Nick with Faye in the hospital  

Stone Grant and Lana on Screaming Point revealing truths 

Put on Your Paint – Arden’s talk to Lana before the Ball: Tonight, you will come face-to-face with your monster. And you will slay him.” 

Winter Wind – Sophia’s Sleep 

1965 – Faye and Kaden: “Can we go back to what we had? With a love so sweet it makes me sad” 

Say You Won’t Let Go – Brendan to Ashton: “I knew I loved you then but you’d never know ‘cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go” 

Oh My God – Maggie’s Truth and Pain 

Plans – Destinies Shattered 

Drops of Jupiter – Maggie 

Come to This  Kaden’s letters to Faye after 

I Get to Love You – Faye’s song to her daughter  

Recover – The End