These questions are meant for those who have finished reading all parts of The Cursed Series. Read on at your own risk!

Book Group Discussion Questions

1. Be honest, did you break out a pen and paper and try to sketch out the twisted family tree at the center of this story?

2. Was there a moment when a character grabbed hold of your heart? If so, who was it and when?

3. Brendan. Did you enjoy the way he pushed Lana’s buttons, or were you empathetic and annoyed right alongside her?

4. On a scale from Lana (Love is stupid.) to Faye (Love is happiness.) where does your opinion about romantic love fall?

5. How do you feel about Grant’s rules related to alcohol?

6. Did you wish for a reunion for Tori, Nina and Lana? Or did you feel Lana was better off without them?

7. There are a multitude of deceptions, lies and manipulations in this book. In your opinion, are any of these forgivable? Were you sympathetic to any of the transgressors?

8. What would your Ever After Ball costume be?

9. Are villains made or born? What about heroes?

10. How did “meeting the parents” in What They Knew change your view of the characters in Parts 1-3?

11. Did you have theories about what happened when the parents were young? If so, what were they? Were any of them correct?

12. How did you feel about the ending? Were there unanswered questions that you wish the author had addressed?

13. Where do you see the characters at the end of next school year?

14. Which character did you relate to the most, and what was it about them that you connected with?

15. Did the book change your opinion or perspective about anything or anyone in your life?