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Breakable  Do you always have to tell him everything on your mind. You know that too much honesty can be so unkind” Lana’s curse. Her fear that allowing others in on her truths will break them. 

Honest – Brendan… “You hide the truth behind your eyes. Talk to me. Can’t you see, I’m on your side. Is it in you to be honestIf you lie to me again, I’ll be the one walking away.” 

A Girl Like You – Grant’s fascination with Lana 

Not a Love Song – “It’s all lies. It’s all lies. Fairytales, a waste of time.” Lana’s theme song (before the brownies) 

Couple of Kids – Lana and Grant in the firefly field after the wedding 

Monsters –  Getting lost in The Court 

Cruel World – Lana’s flashback: the moment that caused her to change 

Butterfly – Magical Brownie Ride Experience  

Dark Side – Grant to Lana, “I like everything about you.” 

Favorite Liar – So many liars in this story. Who’s your favorite?  

Surround You – Firefly Field 

Nature Boy – Reminds me of a fairytale Lana’s grandmother may have read to her 

Music to Watch Boys To – I picture the girls floating on the lake watching the boys play at one of Stefan’s parties  

Adore  Lana falling  

Life of the Party – Lana and Grant dancing at Lana’s birthday party 

Love is Alive “Love is alive when you don’t have to prove it – Unafraid, there’s no way to lose it” – Squirrel’s Philosophy  

Starlight – Floating on the lake under the stars  

WW1 Portraits – “Just so beautiful, inside out more colorful.” Grant in awe of Lana and what has made her who she is. 

Something Just Like This – Can you see the girls dancing and singing at the top of their lungs at Lana’s birthday party? 

I Told You I Was Mean –  “I warned you before. Well, I could’ve sworn I told you I was mean.” Lana’s history with guys.