Upon conception, The Cursed Series was intended to be two full length novels. Lana’s story was meant to begin after the worst twenty-four hours of her life. I planned to gradually shed light on what brought Lana to the place where she ends up in Knowing You. But the more I plotted the backstory, the more I wanted you to see it, not just be told about it. It became important for you to get to know Lana and her rough edges in the town she grew up in. Meeting her friends and experiencing the life she left behind, you would understand just how different her world was from the one she comes to know in Part 2.
Lana isn’t the easiest person to relate to, and I understand if you don’t even like her. She’s not nice. And she doesn’t have the most positive attitude… ha! But, I want you to be interested in what happens to her, and more importantly, why. Because there is a reason for everything that transpires in Part 1, which is why you needed to experience that horrific night for yourself, alongside Lana.
Part 1 and Part 2 are so distinctly different; I made the choice to release them separately. I don’t refer to If I’d Known as a “novella.” As a reader, I’ve always considered novellas an optional addition to the story, and very rarely read them. But Part 1 is not optional… it’s a necessity. I prefer to consider it the introduction to the series. The remaining three books are full-length novels, and  I promise you, there’s a strategy behind how this story is being told, and why it’s being released the way it is.

Oh! I mentioned Lana’s story was originally just two parts. Parts 1 and 3 were added later. What’s Part 3 about?  I’ll tell you more about that after Knowing You is released.