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This is What Makes Us Girls – I knew Lana before I wrote about her. And then I heard her sung to me by her namesake… Lana Del Rey. She became flesh and bone. Her thoughts and opinions their own distinct voice in my head. I know her yet she is unlike anyone I’ve ever known.

Pretty Girl – This is Lana.
Crash 2.0 – Lana & Joey “You’re the drug running through my veins.”
Here – Lana at the Oaklawn Party
Break the Rules – Lana and Tori
Born to Rage – The Point
In My Head – Lana and Joey Dancing/Country Club

Middle Fingers  captures the girls’ rebellious energy 

Desire – the energy between Lana and Joey 

Beggin for Thread – “Sometimes I don’t got a filter. But I’m so tired of eating. All of my misspoken words”
Drown – Nick and Faye (her song to him)