If I’d Known

If I'd Known 3d cover
Parts 1 & 2 | If I’d Known & Knowing You

“Trust no one. Everyone lies. You can only save yourself.”

The sole witness to a horrible crime, Lana’s forced to make an impossible choice to protect her friends at the risk of letting a monster walk free. The coverup gets her sent to a boarding school for delinquents, where everyone has something to hide. And one of them is determined to break her silence.

Lana Peri doesn’t believe in love. Or happy endings. But she does believe everyone’s cursed: possessed with a virtue that will ultimately lead to their demise. Cursed with Honesty, Lana must decide if the truth will help save the girl lying in a coma or if it’s fated to destroy them all.

The Cursed Series is a thrilling and tangled mystery that questions the lengths some will go to protect the truth…or expose it. Who do you trust when everyone is lying?

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