Who’s Who

Emma (Emily) Thomas

Moved to Weslyn four years ago to live with her aunt and uncle. She’s ranked top of the junior class and is an amazing athlete – even has scouts looking at her for soccer. Doesn’t talk to any one except for Sara McKinley. Difficult to get to know her – but when you do, she’s easy to love. Movies put her to sleep – except for psychological thrillers. Her dad got her into soccer – used to coach her games when she was little.

Sara McKinley

Has lived in Weslyn her entire life – her dad’s a judge and her mom’s an ad exec. If she’s at the party, you want to be there. She’s not afraid to let you know what’s on her mind, and is loved by most. Best friends with Emma Thomas. Knows how to play the drums and electric guitar, and has a secret desire to be in a punk band. Believes fashion is a form of self expression – respects the styles from Glam to Goth.

Evan Mathews

Moved to Weslyn from San Francisco during the fall of his junior year. Appreciates all genres of music – except classical. Forced to take piano lessons as kid – hated it! Talented photographer – looks for the opportunity to capture what others usually pass by unnoticed. Adrenaline Junky – always searching for the next thing to experience. Visited every continent by the time he was thirteen.

Drew Carson

Moved to Weslyn from New Jersey when he was nine. If there’s a wave, he’s surfing it. He’s actually a great wake boarder as well. Loyal friend, great personality – has a way with the girls… but not so great with expressing himself. Captain of the basketball team, but only plays because his father expects him to.

Carol Thomas

Moved to Massachusetts from upstate New York. Met George not long after. Obsessed with image and having the picture perfect family. Never went to college. Left home after high school, eventually rekindling her relationship with her mother. Loves her two children more than anything – but just them…

George Thomas

Grew up in an affluent town outside of Boston with his parents and older brother, Derek. Often overshadowed by his older brother’s athletic and academic accomplishments. Considered shy by most. Enjoys the outdoors – camping, hiking and fishing. Loves his kids more than his own happiness.