The Soundtrack

Music influences so much of my life. It can set a tone or change a mood in an instant. I swear that my life has a soundtrack – I even have my own theme song!

(Okay, you can stop laughing!)

I inserted descriptions of music throughout the entire book. At times, it was a specific band and/or song, other times it was just a genre. As I continued to write, I would hear a song that fit perfectly in the storyline, so I created a “soundtrack” of the songs that I felt captured the essence of the book. Some were released around the time I was writing, some are classics, and others may be songs you’ve never heard before, but they each helped create the story.

I would like to share my unofficial soundtrack with you…


Beleieve – If REASON TO BREATHE has a theme song, this is it. I listened to this song so many times while creating the story. The lyrics actually inspired the book’s title – “I am living just to breathe. And I need something more to keep breathing for. So give me something to believe.”

Got You Where I Want You – I think this song should be on every soundtrack!

Everything I’m Looking For – This is the song that Evan plays in the rec room for their “non-date”; Emma later transcribes the lyrics into his book.

Lovesong – Evan plays this song in his room.

Constellations – Emma listens to this while Evan prepares lunch – before he shows her the photographs.

Better – Sara & Emma’s Song.

The Good Left Undone – Every time I hear this song, it sinks me into Emma’s nightmare of Evan.

Old Friend – “Surviving.”

Jealousy – Drew’s Song – Kelly’s Party.

Fade Into You – Evan’s Birthday – “Sets a Mood.”

Lullaby – Evan & Emma’s Song – they find themselves dancing to this after Evan’s birthday dinner.

Live Before You Die – “The Plan.”

You Don’t Know Me – Carol & Emma’s Song.

Help I’m Alive – Right after I finished the ending of RtB, I turned on the radio to hear this song. I laughed at the irony – those who have read BARELY BREATHING should understand.