What They’re Saying

Bookworms Talk with Hannah (A SUPER fun video review!)

“It’s a journey of self-recognition and worth…a beautiful, sad story. It breaks your heart, but you can’t stop reading. Everything was quotable brilliance!”

Literati Literature Lovers

“A twist your heart love story…Every normal boyfriend/girlfriend interaction Emma had with Evan left me happy yet frightened.  I was happy because she felt freedom during those times, but afraid because I never knew what [was going to happen to] her when she got home.”

Swoon Worthy Books

6 out of 5 STARS!!!!!!…This series is my all time favorite. I cannot get enough Emma and Evan. This book has left a mark in my heart. Rebecca Donovan has a special talent for making you feel everything you never knew was possible at the same time.”

Give Me Books Blog

“5 Left-Me-Breathless stars!! As I got closer and closer to the 100% mark, I could feel all the tension and dread building up in my throat and when it arrived, I was smacked with a heartache and a fury so strong I thought I would explode from. All I can say is that after finishing the last page, I immediately jumped into the next one to soothe my bleeding heart.”

Reminiscentia (Blog by Megan J. Smith)

“It’s been a while since I have read something that made me curse and swear, wanting more, when I finished it. This book did that. Rebecca Donovan delved into the world of domestic violence, a sensitive and controversial topic…An intense, emotional, wonderful read. “

Hackaroo’s Reviews

“It took my breath away. I was enraptured by Emma’s story. I felt her pain and heartbreak. It was practically dripping from the pages. I couldn’t look away. This is one that you do NOT want to pass up.”