This is a long story… I know that. But it used to be even longer! I captured Emma’s life, and all those who passed through it during her junior year, and got caught up in all of her experiences.

I honestly had a calendar next to me and could provide you with the exact date each event happened.

So at the end, I had to do some (okay, a lot) of cutting. My original fans, who read the story in its entirety (love them for that!), couldn’t imagine where’ I’d cut when I told them I had to shorten it. Some were even panicked at the thought of losing any part of the story. But cut I did.

I’ve decided to share the original draft of three scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Please note that these are original scenes and that means they will most likely have grammatical and other not-so-perfect errors. If you can get past that, then I hope you enjoy them!

The Scout

“The Scout” highlights the first soccer game Emma played after she met Evan. I decided the game was not necessary, but I like this scene because it provides more insight into Emma’s home life and her relationship with Sara.


“California” is a fun scene from Emma and Sara’s trip to the West coast. It shows off Sara’s personality a bit more, and it’s an homage to one of my closest friends, who quite often laughed in hysterics at my clumsiness.

New York

I have to admit that “New York” was a difficult scene to cut. I truly loved this moment with Evan and Emma, but when it came down to it, it didn’t add to the main story. It also shows a little more of Sara’s energetic personality… Love Sara!