Who’s New


Lead singer of an Alt Rock band. Can be seen performing at college parties and local bars. Has an overactive ego and doesn’t get attached very easily.


One of Emma’s three college roommates and soccer teammate. Pre-Med at Stanford. Protective nature, and can see through most b.s.


Second of Emma’s roommates and soccer teammate. Pre-Law at Stanford. Perfected partying and studying. Has a way of getting what she wants, just about every time.


Third of Emma’s roommates and soccer teammate. Undecided major at Stanford. Prefers her music loud, her guys tattooed and is the poster child for optimism.


Peyton’s love interest. Can be found at just about any party Peyton is at — not a coincidence.


Tom’s best friend. Business major at Stanford. Has an aversion to drama and overly needy girls. Not all that much of a talker either.