What They’re Saying

Chapter Break

“The only bad thing I can possibly say about the final installment in the Breathing Trilogy by Rebecca Donovan is that it ends. I love this book.”

Lisa’s Reads

“I have NEVER before read a series where the author has stayed so true to not only the story but also the integrity of the characters, their development, the situation, and the reality of life. Ms. Donovan quite literally rocked my world.”

The Romance Cover

“This is one hell of a tough journey for [Emma] and Rebecca pulls you through it — warts and all. I highlighted the hell out of this book…I love Rebecca’s style of writing, the reading is effortless, the writing is fluid, you just get sucked in, like an undercurrent and it pulls you and pulls you until you are finally totally submerged. You don’t fight your way out until you cannot take anymore and you either need a coffee or the loo or until you read those dreaded words ‘the end’.”


“The way I feel about this beautiful gut wrenching series is REALLY unexplainable. All I can say is that as a TRUE. HUGE. FAN. Of this magnificent series my heart is beating 1000 per hour. I’m sad to say goodbye to this wonderful story and their characters. This book is chiselled not only in my mind but in my heart.”

Swoon Worthy Books (May Contain Spoilers)

“It would be a mistake not to experience the story of Emma and Evan. It’s a story of learning how to fight back, to let go, to live, to learn, to love, to forgive, and to learn how to breathe again. Rebecca has a way of bringing you into the story and [making you feel] Emma’s pain. You want to heal her heart and save her from the evil around her and save her from herself. It will suck you in and keep ahold of you until the very end, and even after.”

Tough Critic Book Reviews (May Contain Spoilers)

“What I found so amazingly powerful, was the alternating POVs. It was done in such a unique way, I was surprise by its fluency. It was unique and flawless…Rebecca Donovan’s writing talent knows no limits.”

Totally Booked Blog

“The haunting and emotional writing of Rebecca Donovan is second to none. She makes you feel absolutely everything as her story comes alive. I fell in love with Evan and Emma a long time ago and they are still two of my most beloved characters. The Breathing Series is one which I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Ménage À Book

“An overwhelmingly perfect ending to one of the most emotional journeys I’ve ever read. Rebecca Donovan stole my ability to breath in this captivating conclusion to Emma’s heartbreaking story. And then there’s Evan. Could there be a more perfect book boyfriend?!?! Oh my god, I can’t believe we waited so long for our Evan fix.  I will say this though, when Evan finally comes into the picture, Rebecca could not have written it more beautifully.”

Brandee’s Book Endings

“The ride was rough, emotional, raw and so heart-breaking! Emma’s journey is complete. My advice to you, give the characters new and old a chance and be patient…you are not getting all your answers right from the start…. Enjoy, and Just Breathe! I can’t wait to see what Rebecca has in store for us all next! If you have not done so yet, go grab this series!”

A Love Affair With Books

“The story of Emma and Evan will always have a place in my heart. Out of Breath is a story filled with emotion and truth. It had an authenticity that shone from its pages. Rebecca Donovan has a direct line to my heart and soul. Out of Breath is a stunning novel of loss, love, redemption, and finding your way home.”

Vilma’s Book Blog (This Review Contains Spoilers)

“It’s a powerful incongruity of emotions: calm and bursting, silence and loudness, love and hate, hope and hopelessness, survival and death… I really felt the connection, the longing and the love just beneath the surface. I kept repeating to myself that they belonged together. They need each other. The HAVE TO END UP TOGETHER! So powerful, so moving. There is no fixing here… this story is about being brave enough to fight through the pain, finding hope in the belief that you can be happy and allowing yourself to be loved despite the imperfections, the pain and the insecurities that define us all.”

Dirty Girl Book Club (May Contain Spoilers)

“Have you guys ever read a book, where too many terrible things happen to the main character? The whole time you’re reading you’re thinking, ‘C’mon there is no way that many bad things can happen to a person in real life!’ ma’s sake. If you haven’t read the first two books in Rebecca Donovan’s The Breathing Series, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. No seriously, stop reading this and go buy them now.”