Who’s New

Rachel Walace

Born in a small farm town in Pennsylvania to Sam and Patricia Walace. Sam left when Rachel was young and Rachel followed suit, leaving her mother behind after she graduated high school. She moved to Boston at the age of eighteen with her closest friends, Ally and Sharon, and began working at a temp agency. She has a fear of spiders and hates being in the woods. So camping’s out of the question. She is a music lover, enjoys road trips and laughing with her friends. And then there are days she can’t laugh at all…

Derek Thomas

Raised in Lincoln, MA by Laura and Nicolas Thomas where he attended private schools until he pursued a Bachelors and then a Masters in Architectural Engineering at Cornell University. Prefers living in a small town, but thrives for professional success in the city. His favorite times were spending every free second with his daughter, Emma, whether it was coaching her soccer team, or taking her to Nantucket during the summers. Died in a tragic car accident on June 27 during his daughter’s seventh year ~ leaving behind the only person he ever loved.

Jonathan Reese

Grew up in a wooded community in New York, right over the Connecticut border. He had a volatile relationship with his father, Vic, but was adored by his younger brother Ryan and mother, Olivia. Excelled in academics and holds a state record in the 200m freestyle in swimming. He earned an athletic scholarship to Penn State where he obtained a Bachelors in Architecture. Can be found in the pool doing laps, racing across town on his bike, or driving along the open roads on his motorcycle to clear his head.

Analise Cooper

Transferred to Weslyn, Connecticut with her mother from Manhattan during her junior year in high school. When Analise was twelve, her father left her and her mother for another woman. He eventually married that woman, but Analise does not maintain contact. Committed to seeing the good in life and spreading her positive energy, Analise devotes time with several charities and volunteers twice a month at a homeless shelter. She loves strawberry ice cream, bird watching, but has a fear of dogs.