The Soundtrack

This is the music that inspired, influenced and spoke to me while I created Barely Breathing. I don’t know where I’d be, or how different this story would be, if I didn’t have music.

I would like to share my unofficial soundtrack with you…


The Difference Between Us – “I’m not the way that you found me
I’m neither here nor there
One day I’m happy and healthy
Next I ain’t doing so well”

I was drawn to this song because it reminds me of Emma as she’s trying to adjust to all that’s happened to her and how it has changed her, inside and out.

Breakneck Speed – “Because it’s good to be back, good to be back, good to be back”

I envisioned this song playing on the movie screen during the opening scene.

Burn It Down – “If you feeling like I feel,
Throw your fist through the ceiling
Some call it crazy, well I call it healing”

This song would absolutely
be found on Sara’s iPod!

Cracks – “Leave the past behind,
just walk away
Leave the past behind,
just walk away
When it’s over and my heart breaks
And the cracks begin to show”

Guernica – “If I could, I would shrink myself
And sink through your skin to your blood cells
Remove whatever makes you hurt,
but I am too weak to be your cure”

I always think of Rachel when I hear this song-and Emma’s need to fix her.

Beloved One – “You were meant for me,
I believe you were sent to me
From a dream straight into my arms
Hold your body close to me,
you mean the most to me
We will keep each other safe from harm”

This was playing in Evan’s room when Emma woke up after a night of mourning her father.

Valentine – “Giving sweet kisses all the time
Be my, be my Valentine”

Jared’s Valentine serenade to Sara.

I Should Have Known – “I should have known,
look at the shape you’re in
I should have known, but I dove right in
One thing is for certain
as I’m standing here
I should have known”

There’s two scenarios that this song could portray – Evan & Emma or Emma & Rachel. Either way, someone was left hurt and disappointed.

Try It Again – “Up and down
and around again
Oh you get up,
you get down and you try it again
Oh you get up, 
you get down and you try it again
They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing
and expecting a different result”

Evan played this song when he taught Emma to “dance.”

White Blank Page – “You desired my attention but denied my affections
So tell me now where was my fault, in loving you with my whole heart”

I connected with this song from Jonathan’s perspective.

Empty – “There was no way out,
the only way out was to give in
There was no way out,
the only way out was to give in
How I love to give in”

Emergency – “I’ve seen you cry way too many times when you deserve to be alive
These scars, they will not fade away”

Skumf*k – “I hear you talk, but I don’t hear you speak
You don’t make sense, your mind is incomplete”

The Sun – Here it comes, the unavoidable sun
of what’s just happened and what’s been done
And you know, I don’t remember a thing, I don’t remember a thing.

Dark Paradise – “And there’s no remedy for memory of faces
Like a melody, it won’t lift my head
Your soul is haunting me and telling me everything is fine
But I wish I was dead”

I love this song when thinking of Rachel’s tortured love for Derek.

Swing Life Away – “I’ve got some friends,
some that I hardly know
But we’ve had some times
I wouldn’t trade for the world
We chase these days down
with talks of the places we will go”

I reference a line in this song when Emma remembers the swing her father built for her.

Breathe Me – “Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part is
there’s no one else to blame”

Tonight – “Dry my eyes so you won’t know
Dry my eyes so I won’t show
I know you’re right behind me
And Don’t you let me go, let me go tonight”

I can picture Evan holding Emma as she sobs in his arms.

Little Talks – “I don’t like walking around
this old and empty house
The stairs creak as I sleep,
it’s keeping me awake

The house on Decatur Street is its own character, so every time I heard that song I could also hear Emma & Jonathan talking in the middle of the night.

Poison & Wine – “Oh your hands can heal, your hands can bruise
I don’t love you BUT I ALWAYS WILL”

There’s an imbalance and struggle in Jonathan & Emma’s relationship that is portrayed in these lyrics. This is the band Jonathan plays for Emma the night she spends at his place.