Tough Critic Book Reviews

“I mean how can you possibly follow an ending like that without coming up short? How the hell do you top that? I don’t know how, but she did it!! Oh my God! Rebecca Donovan totally did it!! She answers by writing a kick ass sequel! There wasn’t anything I didn’t like; my stomach stayed tied up in knots the whole time. The plot contained so many twists and jaw dropping surprises; it was flawless. The romance is so heartwarming, heartbreaking, and INCREDIBLY HOT!!! To say this was an emotional ride would mean to redefine the term understatement.”

Novel Days

“Barely Breathing is pretty much everything I love in a novel, realistic drama, heartfelt vulnerability, and even a  bit of fun/comedy. It will take you, as cliche as this sounds, on an emotional roller coaster, send you hurling towards the edge, and then leave you gasping for the next installment!”

Teen Readers’ Diary

“I mentally prepared myself for a roller coaster ride of emotions and it turned out to be a useless thing to do. You can never prepare for what’s coming, and that’s one of the million reasons why I love Rebecca Donovan.”

Maryse’s Book Blog

“Emma’s torment doesn’t end with Carol’s arrest. Being an abuse victim means she is tormented by nightmares. And even awake, she is haunted. Every shadow, every floorboard creek has her jumpy, and integrating as a normal teen in society is not an easy task when you were never raised as a normal teen. Wonderful second installment to this series. Wonderful!!”

A Dream of Books

“It will leave you counting down the days to the third and final installment of this series which can’t be published soon enough for me.It makes you care so much about the main character Emma that at times it is hard to read about some of the things that she has to go through.  I felt sadness, hope, joy and despair… By the end I felt exhausted but also desperate to know what was going to happen next.”