Five Reasons Why I Don’t Hate Analise

  1. She’s got a crush on Evan. Um…don’t we all?  I mean given the chance to be near the real, living, breathing Evan Mathews,  don’t you think you’d be, just maybe, tempted to flirt…just a little bit?
  2. Okay, yes.  Emma does not care for Analise, but Evan thinks that she’s friend-worthy.  And who would you say, historically speaking, is the better judge of character, hmmm?
  3. You are seeing the story from Emma’s perspective.  You are in Emma’s head every step of the way because Rebecca Donovan is brilliant that way.  But try for a moment to see things from Analise’s perspective.  Hot guy.  SWEET guy. Incredibly romantic, intelligent, sensitive and, yes, rich guy.  Gives you the time of day.  Wants to hang out.  But has the girlfriend who isn’t very nice to you.  Top it all off, drama and heartbreak seem to follow her everywhere she goes.  Wouldn’t you be singing, “You Belong With Me” alone in your room at night? LOL.
  4. That moment in the barn when Analise walks in after Emma has been on the phone talking with Jonathan?  She speaks the truth!  Emma has been making some BAD decisions and she needs to LET EVAN IN ALREADY!  Analise tells Emma she better be the girl Evan deserves, and…she’s right!  I love Emma.  I do.  But you know as well as I do that she doesn’t always see herself and her actions very clearly.
  5. Okay, I admit it.  I was much, much more of an Analise in high school, so I identify with her.  Perky? Yes.  Flirty? Um yeah, a bit. Drama-free? Pretty much.  Rebecca Donovan does not write flat characters.  No one is evil for the sake of being evil.  Everyone has motivation for the way they are.  Though we may not always know what it is.  And there are some EVIL characters in The Breathing Series, but Analise is not one of them. I KNOW Analise has a story. And I know, I know, you love to hate her.  But I don’t.  Now I’ve said my piece.  If you haven’t yet read OUT OF BREATH, read it!  And you can decide once and for all who you love, who you hate, and who you still love to hate!

Happy reading!