In Depth


If you haven’t read BARELY BREATHING, I would not suggest reading any further so as to not ruin your reading experience. This is where you get an in depth knowledge of what goes on in my brain as I show you what I was thinking when I created this story and its characters. Be Warned!

Writing Barely Breathing

Let me tell you how BARELY BREATHING was really supposed to end.


I’d like to provide you with the opportunity to understand what I was thinking when I created one of the most disturbingly complex characters in BARELY BREATHING.


When I inserted Analise into BARELY BREATHING, my editor, Elizabeth, made a comment that made me stop and pause – “Here’s a hope of mine: I hope that Analise turns out to have a human side.  I would like to find out later than she’s not one dimensional.  I’m hoping she’s more than a plot device.” The truth was, up until that moment, Analise was just a plot device to add to the obstacles testing Emma and Evan’s relationship. But with that one statement, she became so much more to the story.  And she fulfilled her purpose perfectly when she confronts Emma in the barn. Elizabeth has always had a sympathetic affection for Analise. She has decided to share with us why she doesn’t hate Analise. And in truth, I don’t hate Analise either. I wouldn’t necessarily be friends with her. She’d annoy the crap out of me. But I don’t hate her.