A Very Personal Moment…

Being able to connect with you…to hear your thoughts and feelings about the words that I have worked so hard to get just right, provides me with the satisfaction I need to keep writing. To continue to search for more words. To write stories that share the pain and joy of life. The elation of falling in love and the heartache of betrayal. But ultimately, to recognize we’re so much stronger because of every moment we’ve lived.

The Cursed Series, Parts 3&4 released on April 14th. It took nearly six years from concept until the finished series was released to the world. It’s an important story as it touches upon a very personal moment in my life. If you allowed this story into your life…thank you! Being invited into your world through the creation of one of mine is a gift I cherish greatly. As I always say, I write for me – but you make me an author. what is revia used for

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