Be Dazzling!

You are a gift. Each and every one of you is a gift.Champagne

You come in all shapes and sizes, so I encourage you to wrap yourself in whatever makes you…YOU!

Want to wear a gown grocery shopping? Let the chiffon flow!

Do brilliant sparkles make you smile? Then, please, layer on the bling and smile!

Allow your ensemble to represent who you are, no matter how colorful, formfitting, or eccentric. If it makes you feel good, WEAR IT!

Do not be discouraged by the judgment of others. When you slip into that leather skirt, know that you’re doing it for you, not for the attention of a guy.

If you hate heels, but wear them because he likes them… throw them away! Slide into your beloved flats.

Are you proud of your legs, but fear being labeled a “slut” in that short skirt? Shamers be damned! Flaunt those legs!

We are fabulous human beings. We are not here to be judged, shamed or ridiculed for how we choose to wrap our bodies. Don’t allow fear to hide who you are. Look in the mirror and LOVE who you see looking back.

Respect yourself. Allow the world to see who you truly are. Proudly wear your heart on the outside. Drape yourself in whatever makes you shine! Because beneath all of the sparkles and bows, there’s YOU. The true Gift.

Who you choose to share with the world is on the inside. It is this gift that I love and admire. So…

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