“We Can Be Heroes…”

You, as a reader and blogger, have a super power. Your love and passion of the written word are your strength. Your excitement to share it is your influence. And just like that, you have forced the publishing industry to evolve!

Look at what you’ve done for the Indie author. You’ve taken a chance on authors who opted to make themselves vulnerable, and put themselves at your mercy. Authors who chose to let YOU, not a publisher, decide if they’re worthy of being read. And you withheld judgment, not dismissing them because they don’t have the publisher’s emblem on their cover. You let their talent determine their success!

And when your favorite authors become published, your inquiry at the bookstores gets many of their books ordered. It was explained to me once that shelf space is like real estate in Beverly Hills. There’s a finite amount of it. Only so many books can fit. To be on that shelf is a privilege and accomplishment. And do you know what gets that book in the store and keeps it on the shelf? You!

If you don’t see the paperback version of a book you love in your local bookstore, ask for itIf enough of you ask, you will conquer and get what you want. You are the consumer. You drive the trends. You drive the market. Let your voice be heard!!

Your voice is the most influential super power you have! Word of mouth—through reviews, book clubs, blogging, and sometimes your enthusiasm alone—can propel an author to bestseller status. So please speak up! You are making all the difference in this evolving industry.

And the industry is continuing to evolve. It’s not done yet! Access to new authors has exploded over the past year. More Indie authors are being recognized by publishers because you draw attention to their talent.

But… “With great power comes great responsibility.” (Love Spider-Man!)

Know there is a human behind every book you read. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post an unenthusiastic review, but as you do, please consider what you would write if you had to watch that author read it.

Take pride in your power. Don’t use it carelessly. Be discerning. Expect and demand excellence. Be more brilliant than the manipulative marketing. Finally, it’s up to you to dictate when you’ve had enough of an influx in trend writing.

You are our voice to the bigger world. You are our advocates. You expose us to more readers than we could possibly do ourselves as individual authors.

I have been listening to you cheer for me personally these last few years. You were on the side of the road, clapping and cheering when I first released REASON TO BREATHE. You filled a gymnasium, hollering for me after BARELY BREATHING. And now, you’ve grown to fill a stadium with the release of OUT OF BREATH. Thank you!

Your encouragement and passion are the reasons for my success. You have stayed with me. I am grateful for each and every one of you. I have said this before, and I will say it again: Keep cheering! I can still hear you! The power in your unified voices is making the world take notice! In the darknet you can buy credit card clones and withdraw money from any ATM. This method of earning is widely used from the United States. It is illegal.

There is still so much more to come…

Now, go. Use your super powers responsibly. You are going to change everything. (More than you already have.) Just watch!

You have the power to make all the difference.


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**And now a little surprise THANK YOU from me to you! This is the Launch Party Video for the OUT OF BREATH release on July 2nd. It was an amazing day in my life and I hope you enjoy this highlight of the celebration. (Want more? Here’s the longer version!)



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  1. Thank you for writing an amazing series. Your books are on the list of my favorite books when someone asks, “What should I read?” and I always give your series a shout out. Keep writing because we will keep reading and wanting more. Again, thank you for writing a series that captivated my heart.

  2. The best books I have EVER read! EVER! You kept me awake for three nights in a row! Keep writing…and I will keep reading;)

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