Making Progress!

I sold more eBooks in the month of May than I did the entire year since the release of REASON TO BREATHE! Holy Smokes!! You’ve been talking about me a little, haven’t you?! Well… THANK YOU!!

Now that summer is upon us, I have returned to… California! Weslyn was left behind in BB and now we’re on the West Coast!! Emma was left broken at the end of BARELY BREATHING, so now she has to figure out who she is and how to be worthy of being loved by the only guy she will ever love in return. It’s going to be a very intense soul searching journey for her, I promise you that!

There will be MANY new characters with their own unique personalities and roles in Emma’s life. And of course there will be the return of those you already know and love, or love to hate! As I’ve said before, this is Emma’s story. But sometimes through OUT OF BREATH, she may not be able to tell her story all on her own…

My goal (but PLEASE do not hold me to this) is to write at least one chapter per day. The past two books have been around 40 chapters. So in estimation, I’m hoping the story will be completed by the end of July! THAT IS NOT THE RELEASE DATE! Ha! (I just saw a few of your eyes light up and wanted to make certain you understood that.) That just means it will then go into the editing process. And that’s also assuming that I have my creative energy flowing and can actually write a quality chapter each day. All I can say is that I will try my best! BRING ON THE DEW! (I’ve been trying to quit, but it’s my creative elixir and I can’t give it up during the most important book of the series.)

I really don’t want to torture you. As contradictory as that may sound considering what I put you through with this series. I seriously get anxious when I see the posts and receive the emails requesting the release date for OOB. I don’t want to keep you waiting for long, but more importantly, I don’t want to disappoint you!

I will blog more frequently to keep you up to date on what’s going on in my head. Warning! That could be a bit dangerous… But I do post on my Facebook pages often so that’s the best way to interact with me! I respond to emails the best I can (usually within a week, although I wish it were faster). [email protected].

I am working out the logistics to have signed copies on my web site available for purchase. I’m awaiting the approval from Paypal… (I’m finding out there’s a lot of waiting in this industry. But then again, you know that, don’t you?)

However, both books are now available in Paperback form on I do feel I need to apologize for the pricing. I will be honest and come right out and say I really don’t make much from the print books; it’s just the price that is set in order to print on demand. (The strife of an Indie Author I guess!) Oh! And have you seen the new covers?…

A question I’ve been asked on my FB page is if I plan to write other books after this series. YES! I already have several in mind that will make for compelling reads. I think I like to continue writing in a realistic fiction style, but I don’t think the next one will be as angst ridden. I would like to write a sweet and unconventional love story. I hope you stick around… best paying online casino australia

Enjoy your summer ~ I know I will! And I promise to post again soon!

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