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The Rebecca Donovan Experience

I will be traveling like crazy for the rest of the year. Why? To see you!! I’m trying my best to make an appearance in every region of the country. If there wasn’t already a book signing organized, I made one up! I’ll be roaming the country with my friends, who also happen to be talented authors. Lucky me… and you!

I’m even making Canadian and UK appearances.

I want to meet you. To see your smiling faces. To hear how much I’ve put you through.

Here is the current list of where I’ll be for the year (and there may be more added later): Continue reading…

You Should Be Smiling!!

July 2nd
That’s the day Out of Breath will be on your Kindles or in your hands!

What’s even better, you can Pre-Order it now!!

In the meantime, I need to finish editing it… select the new cover… and then edit it some more. It’s so close to being perfect.

There’s a lot to be done before July 2nd, but instead of drowning in the anxiety of that list, I AM SMILING! And you should be too! Continue reading…

This Is It! Ready? Set. GO!!

Did you know who I was at this time last year? Most of you will say, “No.” That answer alone will tell you how much 2012 has meant to me. Because now you’re a part of my world, and I am so grateful you found me!

Do you know who else I am grateful to have found me? Colleen Hoover. She sent me an email this past summer and basically said, “We should be friends.” And guess what? We Are! And because of that email, I have been introduced to many more authors I adore and respect, who have now also become my friends. So, thank you, Colleen. You made my 2012 that much better! Continue reading…

Make a Wish!

Out of Breath is now in the hands of my editor at Amazon Publishing. After months of writing, it truly came down to the last two weeks.

I created a writing schedule. And… I didn’t follow it. I couldn’t do it. I cannot write on demand. I cannot produce based on a deadline. But I can write fueled by Dew and the natural adrenaline of panic. I locked myself away in a beach house in California (no, I didn’t suffer) for a week, and wrote. Slept a couple of hours, drank some Dew, and wrote some more. Continue reading…

Just Words

I have mastered the Art of Procrastination. And it is an art. Wait too long, and it turns into slacking off. Start too early, and the panic hasn’t set in enough to force the creativity to the surface.

I hand my completed Out of Breath manuscript to my publisher on November 30th. I am still writing this manuscript. I am just now nearing the halfway point of the story… and I still have a lot of story to tell! Yes, the panic has set in. But you know what? I’ll get it done! I always do! Granted there will be some serious heart palpitations along the way, and it may not be the neatest manuscript they’ve ever received, but it will be done… and it will be magnificent!! Continue reading…

All Good Things…

Missed me?! I’m sorry I haven’t been around…

I’ve had one of the most exciting summers of my life! I wish I could tell you all about it… and I will. But not quite yet.

Let’s just say ~ I’m a very happy author!

How’s Out of Breath coming along, you ask? It’s at a very critical point. I’m excited by this story and how it challenges me emotionally during the creative process. I believe this is the most powerful in the series, and I want nothing more than for you to experience the conclusion of Emma’s story at your most vulnerable. You’ll earn this ending. More importantly I hope you love it as much I do. Continue reading…

ODin’ on Dew!

So… how’s your summer going? I’d really like to push the “pause” button on mine. It is slipping away waaay too quickly.

Progress report: I’ve written the first quarter of the book (nearly 120 pages). Yes, I know. I really wanted to be further along as well. But considering I spent eight hours yesterday staring at my computer and went to bed with two paragraphs, I don’t know what to tell you. I’d try to force it, but then you’d hate it. Last weekend, the chapters were flying and I was so excited.

I think there’s a correlation between the Dew consumption and creativity. Continue reading…

Making Progress!

I sold more eBooks in the month of May than I did the entire year since the release of REASON TO BREATHE! Holy Smokes!! You’ve been talking about me a little, haven’t you?! Well… THANK YOU!!

Now that summer is upon us, I have returned to… California! Weslyn was left behind in BB and now we’re on the West Coast!! Emma was left broken at the end of BARELY BREATHING, so now she has to figure out who she is and how to be worthy of being loved by the only guy she will ever love in return. It’s going to be a very intense soul searching journey for her, I promise you that! Continue reading…

Wanna Know a Secret?

I’m slowly coming out of my post-writing coma. I even made my bed this morning, which hasn’t happened in about a month!

I’ve answered most of my emails ~ if I haven’t responded to you yet, I will, I promise.

And I am in the process of updating my web page which includes sharing two deleted scenes from BARELY BREATHING.

Now that most of you have read BARELY BREATHING (if you haven’t, don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything, so you can keep reading), take a breath. It’s okay to be upset, really it is. You have every right to be angry with Emma. She deserves it. Continue reading…

Happy (Un)Birthday!!

What’s a better gift on this amazing day than BARELY BREATHING one day early?!

After working on perfecting it last night (which included re-writing the ending for the fourth time), I submitted BARELY BREATHING to Amazon and Barnes & Noble this morning at 7 am!

I woke five hours later to find that it was already available for purchase… so enjoy! Take your time. Absorb the words. It is a long book with a long and twisty journey.

But above all else, I hope you fall back in love again! Continue reading…


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