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Making Progress!

I sold more eBooks in the month of May than I did the entire year since the release of REASON TO BREATHE! Holy Smokes!! You’ve been talking about me a little, haven’t you?! Well… THANK YOU!!

Now that summer is upon us, I have returned to… California! Weslyn was left behind in BB and now we’re on the West Coast!! Emma was left broken at the end of BARELY BREATHING, so now she has to figure out who she is and how to be worthy of being loved by the only guy she will ever love in return. It’s going to be a very intense soul searching journey for her, I promise you that! Continue reading…

Happy (Un)Birthday!!

What’s a better gift on this amazing day than BARELY BREATHING one day early?!

After working on perfecting it last night (which included re-writing the ending for the fourth time), I submitted BARELY BREATHING to Amazon and Barnes & Noble this morning at 7 am!

I woke five hours later to find that it was already available for purchase… so enjoy! Take your time. Absorb the words. It is a long book with a long and twisty journey.

But above all else, I hope you fall back in love again! Continue reading…

The Word!

Nearly 43,000 new readers decided to download RtB during the free promotion on Amazon over the past three days! How incredibly amazing is that?!

I’m still editing the sequel like a crazy person, but I know you are going to love what I’ve created! Let’s put it this way—my editing team is freaking out about it and they only read the second draft!

Continue reading…


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