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It’s Here!

I’m going to share with you the words I texted my friend and sole beta reader, Kim Holden, upon completing the last chapter of Knowing You

“Writing this book has challenged me, and demanded of me, and broke my heart for four years, but it is finally written!! And I reconnected with myself along the way.”

I love this story. It took me a long time until I did. But something happened along the way. It’s like I woke up, and heard the words I’d been searching, begging, praying to find me. And when they did, I connected with every character, every word, every emotion. And I was reminded what it was to be in love with writing once again. It was a reminder that sharing my words is what I’m meant to do.

I almost gave up. Not just on this book. But on writing. So. Many. Times. I even considered other career choices. But… I don’t know how to give up. And now… We. Are. Here. Thank you for being here with me. For waiting. For believing. For trusting me to come back to you.

Everything has led to this moment. I gift you my words. My heart. My purpose.


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