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LanaI have been found and lost within music. Certain songs feel like an amplifier plugged directly into my emotions. The bass thumps in time with my pulse. The melody sends me adrift, floating along with the lyrics.

When I’m creating, a song can transform into a scene, straight into my pages. Her. Him. A touch. A whisper. A smile. A kiss. I’m there, an observer to it all—capturing it with the tap of my fingers.

I knew Lana before I wrote about her. And then I heard her sung to me by her namesake… Lana Del Rey. She became flesh and bone. Her thoughts and opinions their own distinct voice in my head. I know her yet she is unlike anyone I’ve ever known.

Allow me to introduce you to my current heroine, Lana Peri, through the songs that define her…

“This is What Makes Us Girls” by Lana Del Rey

Pretty Girl“Pretty Girl” (Cheat Codes X Cade Remix) by Maggie Lindemann


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