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Reason to Breathe was always a movie, even while I was writing it. A film playing in my head that I translated into words. That’s how the story presented itself to me. And that’s how I want to share it with you now.

I was told over and over again that once a book is optioned I, the author, wouldn’t have a say in what the movie becomes. I was advised to hope for the best and walk away. To allow the production company to create the film they believe is best. That I needed to separate myself from the film.

I can’t. Not with Emma’s story.

I’ve also been warned that a film is not a direct translation of the book. One page of script equates one minute of film. Certain scenes need to be sacrificed. Compromises must be made.

But how can I possibly decide which scenes are relevant and which are not? Do we delete the dinner with Catherine or the make-over at Sara’s? Is it Evan and Emma’s talk by the brook that’s not worthy of film? Or the non-date at the batting cages? How can I delete a single one of them?

I can’t. Every moment is important to Emma’s journey.

So that we can bring every moment in the book to life, Reason to Breathe will be separated into three films. Breaking up a single book into more than one film is not a new concept. It was done for Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and The Hunger Games. But we’re taking it a step further and making this into a three-part movie series. We won’t have to compromise a single scene. This is a powerful story, and you should experience every minute of it. You should feel every second of it.


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