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Author of the USA Today Bestselling Trilogy "The Breathing Series" and Upcoming Novel "What If"

Rebecca Donovan

WHAT IF - Rebecca Donovan

What If Coming 9.16.14! PreOrder Now!

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Being Rebecca

Want to Join the WHAT IF Street Team?

WHAT IF - Rebecca Donovan

Most of you don’t know Nyelle Preston yet, but I truly hope you all get to know her and love her as much as I do, VERY SOON! I can’t believe the release of WHAT IF is less than a month away! Aside from a crazy affection for sugar and a very mysterious past, Nyelle has an addictive sense of adventure.  She’s all about embracing new experiences, all in! In the spirit of Nyelle, I’m trying something new with the release of WHAT IF.  For the first time ever I’m forming a Street Team! Want to be a part of it? Have no idea what it is? Don’t worry!  I’ll tell you!

What is a Street Team?

A team of voracious, enthusiastic readers who like to actively promote books online (and in person too!) I’m looking for people who’ve read THE BREATHING SERIES, who love my characters, and are eagerly awaiting the release of WHAT IF. In exchange for all this support, you will get all kinds of amazing stuff!

Like What?

  1. Exclusive giveaways ONLY for Street Team members. ARCs, swag, signed copies, and other fabulous stuff, too! Your odds of winning are SO much better this way!
  2. Content and info on upcoming books before anyone else: excerpts, news, and more!
  3. Membership in the exclusive WHAT IF Street Team Facebook group! Here you can chat with other Street Team members, brainstorm promotional ideas, and ask me questions.

What will I be asked to do?

As a Street Team member, there are many ways you can help spread the word about WHAT IF. Below are some ways. You don’t have to do them all.  And I would LOVE for you to get creative!  But for starters…

In person you can…

  • Talk the book up and share promo material with friends, family, co-workers, and book clubs. You can even drop off promo materials at bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, etc.
  • Ask your local library and bookstores to order WHAT IF — if they haven’t already. Give the librarians the title, name and publisher.

Online you can…

  • Share your honest review/rating of the book via Amazon, iBooks,, and GoodReads. You have no idea what a HUGE difference this makes! More reviews means that book is more likely to show up in retailer feeds, which means WHAT IF will be showing up even more on the radar, and that means more readers! Yay!
  • Share interviews, reviews, and other promotional events across your social media and online platforms (Blogs, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Spread the word about the book to your online friends and followers.
  • “Like” the book and me on &
  • Like, Retweet, and Share whenever/whatever you can!
  • Recommend the book on GoodReads and elsewhere. It all makes an impact!

I know that many of you already do so much of the above.  And I am SO grateful. You are a BIG part of why I am where I am today!

So? Does the WHAT IF Street Team sound like something you’d be interested in?

Yes? Fabulous! Please fill out this form.

My PR team will be selecting ONLY 25 people to join the WHAT IF Street Team. (I know. I know. Such a small number! But we only have space for 25. And if you’re not selected it doesn’t mean that I don’t adore you and appreciate all the support you give me. Street Team or not, you are still an integral part of the success of my work!) Please take the time to provide us with the best info possible on the form. (If you are a Net Galley user, please provide the email you use for your account.) The deadline for your submission is 11:59EST Wednesday, 08.27.14. We will announce the team Friday, August 29 on my Facebook page!

Important note: I want the WHAT IF Street Team to be a positive one! I have the utmost respect for authors, bloggers, and readers and I do not want to be affiliated in any way with people who insult or bully anyone! This Street Team is about sharing your love for WHAT IF.  And if you happen to encounter someone who did not love it, that’s okay! The world would be such a boring place if everyone liked the same things, wouldn’t it!?


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