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Author of the USA Today Bestselling Trilogy "The Breathing Series" & "What If"

Rebecca Donovan

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Being Rebecca

I am writing…

What am I writing?

Jonathan Reese’s tragic story. Jonathan is the most complex and controversial character to emerge from The Breathing Series. He evoked such extreme emotion from every reader, I decided his story needed to be told. His life is just as heartbreaking as Emma’s and the violence even more severe. Just because the series will be written from Jonathan’s point of view does not mean I’m going to attempt to persuade you to like him. I promise to be true to his character, revealing all of what makes him who he is – the man readers love, hate, or hate to love.

There is so much more to Jonathan than his All-American stunning looks and confidence. He has suffered immeasurable pain throughout his life, leaving him a deep-rooted anger he cannot relinquish. The rage that possesses him has destroyed so many lives. In attempt to save himself, he is forced to relive his abuse and atone for the devastation he’s left in his wake. This includes confronting the girl who tore out his heart.

It’s not easy being inside Jonathan’s head. His life is more complicated than I anticipated. And he reveals some very disturbing moments in his life. His story will be powerful. I know I won’t be the same once I’m done capturing it. This story is intricate and it’s revealing itself to me slowly, so I will need time to assure I portray his life accurately. It is very important I get it right.

Is Jonathan maniacally twisted, or misunderstood? Does he deserve redemption, or is he beyond salvation? I don’t know. This time, I’m writing unaware of how The Burning Series will end.

Be patient. It’s coming.

Upcoming Appearances

Paris, France

December 3 – 8

Savannah, GA

February 27

Peabody, MA

April 9

Las Vegas, NV

April 12 – 17

Edinburgh, Scotland

July 9


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